21 сент. 2012 г.

HackDay meets Garage48 winner KidsWorld is an application making a mobile safe for children to play

Gagan Biyani (co-founder of Udemy) said that one of the biggest challenges is to build products to international markets and persuaded Russian teams to work hard on that. He said it was amazing to be part of the event where he saw people working extremely hard for the results. KidsWorld impressed the jury the most with a mobile application that helps parents to lock their phones features from children and make them safe for them to play.

KidsWorld came the winner of HackDay meets Garage48 in st. Petersburg, Russia.

From 27 ideas pitched on Friday, 12 ideas managed to attract a team and started product development and 11 ideas presented their working prototype on Sunday, 16th September.

Ragnar Sass (co-founder of Garage48) said that Garage48 helps to promote entrepreneurship and startup mindset, Russia definitely needs more of this kind of events.

HackDay meets Garage48 had a high level of specialists as mentors and in the jury:

    Gagan Biyani (Udemy)
    Ragnar Sass (Garage48, Pipedrive)
    Märt Kelder (Skype)
    Meelik Gornoi (Skype)
    Gleb Kalinin (Raum7)
    Dmitry Andryukhin (Mail.Ru Group)
    Evgenia Smorodnikova (Zombolab)
    Michael Ilyichev (Rutube)
    Michael Kechinov (Michael Kechinov's startups development studio)

    Lidia Knyazeva (Angel Investor)
    Vyacheslav Fedorov (Dengi Online)

Thanks to all our great sponsors: Mail.Ru Group, Skype, LeviraCloud.eu, Megaplan.ru and many others for joining forces with Garage48 Foundation and HackDay to hold the latest HackDay meets Garage48 event. 

Great thanks to Loft project ETAGI for offering "Formula" gallery for educational program!

A weekend-long intensive event resulted in 11 new prototypes. This time Garage48 event also allowed working teams to come and develop their product/service during the week-end. These teams are mentioned as factory teams, all the other teams developed their project from an idea into a working prototype.


  HackDay meets Garage48 Winner  +  Mail.Ru Group impression package + Skype Special Prize
 Children safety while using android devices.
 Team: Yuriy Ketov – PM, UI designer, Muzaffar Avliyaev – Android developer

CHANGE WORLD BETTER (factory team)

Made an Impact Project
 Make the loyal government work. People need something that will allow them to live better. Something that will change the world around them and allow them to participate in these changes.
Team:  Lina Romanova, Denis Stepulenok

TWIJECTOR (factory team)
The Audience Favourite
 Customized Twitter wall for events, bars, restaurants and clubs
 Team:  Michael Kechinov, Anastassia Dementyeva, Sergei Odintsov, Igor Kapov, Grigory Zaharov


Survived at HackDay meets Garage48 Prize
 Seeing how the world looks through the eyes of a sick person. Illustrative examples will help prevent diseases
Team: Igor Barinov, Rodion Mamin, Antonina Babicheva, Aleksandr Trifonov, Zahar Zhuravlev, Ivan Inozemtsev, Anton Sharychev

 Fast track meal ordering at restaurant on your mobile device
Team: Artyom  Sushchev, Anastassia Semjonova, Vladimir Smirnov

SPTN!K (factory team)
 Unusual tours in St. Petersburg
 Team: Alexandr Kim, Aleksandra Skorobogatova, Alexandra Fedosova, Irina Rybchenko, Alexandr Dorozhkin, Lina Romanova
FB: https://www.facebook.com/sptnik.travel
 Twitter: @sptnik_com

HOSTINGVIDEO.RU (factory team)
 We provide people to host and sell their leaning videos
 Team: Tarmo Annus, Slava Brall, Alex Grechishkin, Jula Duyantsova, Denis Bobrovnikov, Dmitry Tihvinskii

 Tool to make shopping easier - simply take a picture of the packaging and express your attitude using one of three icons: ":-)", ":-?", ":-(". Then add descriptions and tags, and you'll have a handy database of your own preferences, which you can take with you to the next trip to the store.
Team: Mikhail Emelchenkov, Dmitry Ilin, Marina Butchman, Yaroslav Pankov

OPENCORPORA (factory team)
 OpenCorpora is a project that aims at creating an annotated corpus of Russian texts, which will be fully accessible to researchers, the annotation being crowd-sourced.
 Team: Victor Bocharov, Dmitry Granovsky, Maria Nikolaeva, Maria Stepanova, Svetlana Alexeeva
 Vk: http://www.vk.com/opencorpora
 Twitter: @opencorpora

 Lightweight service for diabetics that allow to write down all your personal information in an electronic journal
Team: Orekhov Vladimir, Romashov Dmitry, Guskov Vadim, Kutuzov Alexey, Kurlovich Ales, Stankina Elena, Romanova Lina

 A service that allows the Chairman of Association of Country to manage a list of land owners and send them important news and event updates as well as gather their votes on important issues.
 Team: Anton Pavlenkovich, Kirill Marchenko, Konstantin Zhilin, Marina Ragozina, Ksenia Chicherina

HackDay meets Garage48 event happened thanks to our cool sponsors!

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Special thanks to all those who contribuited to HackDay meets Garage48 event!