19 сент. 2012 г.

Wise Guys Accelerator Invites teams to Jump Into Cold Water in Estonia

Imagine people sitting with their laptops in the countryside, literally in the forest to come up with businesses like Skype, Fortumo, TransferWise, ZeroTurnAround or Pipedrive. The wireless internet is accessible everywhere – in the bush, on small islands and even while fishing on the sea. That`s what Dave McClure called the #EstonianMafia. And Estonia is the country where 6-year old kids start learning programming on iPad.

Every accelerator claims to be the best. But the question is what are YOU looking for – the money, networking or something extra? Startup Wise Guys started their first round last February with 240 applications, they have about 80 mentors (from the likes of Yahoo, PayPal and  Odnoklassniki) in addition to the 15 angel investors who support the chosen teams from all over the world. The mentors say: “We heard about Estonian startup community before, but we never thought it’s more than a bubble - but the will, passion and skills are high throughout the community - like a startup nation”.

What more will you get from Startup Wise Guys? They will make you walk over hot ashes without burning your feet and make you swim in ice-cold water after hot sauna. It shouldn’t be even mentioned that you will work like crazy as the tension is high. What they expect to see is nothing less than hunger in your eyes and fire in your speech.

Startups actually benefit from mentors with broad experience and wide background. Trainings that give you experience about giving presentations, writing sales speech and putting together your business plan, how to approach investors and keep them interested and most of all how to keep yourself focused during the short period of time and be ready for the marathon after the sprint.

Wise Guys application round is opened from TODAY. Don´t bother to apply if you aren´t ready. But if you are interested note three key-points: Shape, Build, Sell. Startup Wise Guys provides seed funding and an intense mentorship program to early stage technology startups that are looking to crank up their business. Just remember, great men are not born great, they grow great.

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